Art Urban culture, according to Lugosis
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Urban culture, according to Lugosis

Anna Frattini

Luca Lugosis – a.k.a. Lugosis – is an Italian tattooist, street artist and artist who has collaborated with brands such as Dr. Martens, Market, Nike and many others. Its versatility reworks the urban culture in a strictly personal key, closely linked to the Milanese scene.

Now active in Berlin, he travels the world in search of new stimuli and inspiration. On the other hand, Milan remains a very important place for Lugosis, starting from the metropolitan suggestions to the community that has been built with time.

The characters created by Lugosis move with agility between tattoos, illustrations and graffiti and tell his thoughts and his perception of the world. Among wacky characters and weirdos, Lugosis’ poetics reward the anti-conventional without prejudice. Ultimately, the suburban culture and aesthetics of Millennial cartoons are a great inspiration for the artist.

Now, let’s go over some of the artist’s most interesting collaborations. From the one for Nike with t-shirts and sweatshirts where Lugosis reinvents the classic logo to the more graphic one with Dr. Martens, carried out together with Strato. Also for Carhartt the two artists collaborated together in 2021 in the store of the brand in Weil am Rhein in Germany, all curated by Colab Gallery.

Ph. courtesy Lugosis, Colab Gallery, Dr. Martens, Nike

Discover more on Lugosis’s Instagram profile.

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Written by Anna Frattini
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