Art Mantra’ butterflies exhibition
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Mantra’ butterflies exhibition

Giulia Ficicchia
Le esposizioni di farfalle di Mantra |

Although it has never been recognized as a sport, in my tender childhood, during the holidays spent in green fields, I defined myself as a practicing of “the butterflies chase art”. I used to do my activities during excursions in the mountains, walks in the pinewood and at the sea. I’m also proud to admit that I have always failed, and I still continue to observe them with admiration and amazement in all their colours.

This romantic passion is obviously not only mine: the French street artist, Mantra, dedicates some of his most beautiful murals to the animal kingdom that he has always considered fascinating since his childhood. And here the butterflies become the protagonists of the façades of commercial and residential buildings around the world, from Spain to Austria, from France to Bogota. Perfectly flat surfaces are transformed into exhibitors containing huge three-dimensional lepidopters full of colour.

Artstreet arturban art
Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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