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All the must-see March Netflix films and tv series

Giulia Guido

It’s still cold outside and between spending wild nights in pubs and clubs and staying under the duvet wins again the second option. Let’s see which Netflix movies and TV series will keep us company next month. 

Studio Ghibli’s movies: After making available 7 movies from the famous Japanese animation studio last month, Netflix is now adding as many new Studio Ghibli movies to its schedule. 
The new titles are The Borrower Arrietty, My Neighbors the Yamada, Spirited Away, The Cat Returns, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke
Studio Ghibli’s films will be available from Sunday, March 1st

Spenser Confidential: If you’re looking for something more eventful the new Peter Berg film starring Mark Walhberg can do it for you. Walhberg will play the role of Spenser, a former cop just out of prison, who, with his friend Hawk, will be involved in the investigation of a conspiracy linked to the death of two policemen. Also, the film sees his debut as an actor no less than Post Malone
Spenser Confidential will be available on Friday, March 6

Elite 3: Ready to go back to school? The desks of Las Encinas are waiting for you. 
After the success of the first two seasons, which between murders, love stories and plots managed to keep us glued to the small screen, what will Samuel, Guzmán, Ander, Carla, and their friends have in store for us?
The eight episodes of the third season of Élite will be available from Friday, March 13.  

Ultras: eagerly awaited in Italy, the film sees the directorial debut of Francesco Lettieri, author of the music videos of LIBERATO, who signed the soundtrack for this film. Ultras will take us to discover what is hidden behind the organized fans of Naples through two characters: Sandro, leader of the Apache ultras group, and Angelo, a 16-year-old boy, who enlists in the group and actively participates in the trips, also to avenge his brother Sasà, who died several years earlier. 

These were just some of the news, to find out more, watch the video below!

Artartpop corn
Written by Giulia Guido
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