Photography Marche Céleste, Alexis Pichot illuminated wood
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Marche Céleste, Alexis Pichot illuminated wood

Giulia Ficicchia
Marche Celeste, la foresta illuminata di Alexis Pichot | 5

At some point in the history of literature, the English one in particular, someone has tried to define the concept of “sublime”, explaining it as something that frightens us but at the same time attracts us. An example? The darkness. What is more frightening than something indefinite but at the same time so attractive to make us wonder about the great treasures we can discover inside it? In doubt, I’ve always tried to extend the period of light on during the night, to avoid sinister encounters with monsters.

Alexis Pichot, a French photographer, is decidedly braver than me and although he knows Fontainbleau forest as a climber rather well, he has always had a great curiosity and at the same time fear in discovering it during the night, a challenge that he decided to face through a series of photographs.

This is how Marche Céleste was born, whose name is the result of her partner’s creativity, Isabelle Chapuis: light, like a sort of guide, makes its way between trees, boulders and deep silences, showing us its impact in space, transforming it, giving it a new shape and making it less frightening.

Pichot relies on his knowledge in the world of interior design, where he has worked for 10 years and which he bitterly abandoned in the absence of real recognition and professional appreciation, but also a strong passion for the natural environment that has always made him feel comfortable.

As evidence of this journey between sublime and fear there is also a beautiful video by Maximilien Franco, who accompanied him for three nights in his photographic exploration.


PhotographyForestlightnatureNight PhotographyphotographyWilderness
Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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