Style Ram Han’s familiar illustrations for Marine Serre

Ram Han’s familiar illustrations for Marine Serre

Andrea Tuzio

On the night we will celebrate Chinese New Year and officially enter the Year of the Tiger.
To mark this holiday, Marine Serre has created a special, limited edition capsule collection celebrating the beginning.

The brand founded by the French designer proposes a series of 25 unisex T-shirts made through an upcycled process, all characterized by a graphic of a tiger, recycled jersey inserts and the classic and elegant Crescent Moon, Marine Serre’s logo. 
The tiger has a symbolic value and represents strength, determination and courage to be able to express confidence in one’s own qualities.

To further enrich the special capsule, Marine Serre asked South Korean artist Ram Han, to create three works inspired by family scenes from the film that accompanied the Spring/Summer 2022 of the brand, “Ostal24”. The word “Ostal” in Occitan – a historical language spoken in the area of southern France where the designer grew up and where she learned about those values that permeate the SS22 collection – means “home” and the works of the Seoul-based artist depict moments of celebration, celebrating the family, of which the home is the main place, and self-care through fashion.

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Ram Han mainly uses digital art and the goal of his narration is to capture the viewer’s attention through memory. A memory composed of memories that in reality perhaps do not exist because according to Han, the very nature of the memory of us components of this contemporaneity, is composed of the ambiguity between virtual and real life. 

The limited edition Regenerated Moon-Panel Tiger T-shirts will be available exclusively on Marine Serre’s website starting tomorrow, February 1.
Below you can see the three artworks created by Ram Han for Marine Serre.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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