Style “42.5”, Mattia Rossi’s docu about the Sneaker Culture

“42.5”, Mattia Rossi’s docu about the Sneaker Culture

Giulia Guido
42punto5 Mattia Rossi |

Born in Modena, Mattia Rossi is an author, director and videomaker who during his career has taken part both in major productions signed Sky and Mediaset, but also in personal projects. The last of these will be presented to the public at the end of December and will deal with a topic much loved by us at and increasingly in vogue.

42punto5 Mattia Rossi |

Entitled “42.5” the documentary will tell in a new way and through the stories and anecdotes of guests, professionals and fans, the Italian Sneaker Culture, addressing issues such as the current state of the shoe market, from shops to the phenomenon of re-sell.

Mattia Rossi’s goal is to show a wider audience a world that seems accessible to few and to allow anyone to see the sneakers in a new light, focusing on the passion and dedication of collectors and enthusiasts.

42.5 is the cross-section of a phenomenon that in a few years has gathered more and more followers, transforming itself from a niche reality to one of more widespread interest.

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Written by Giulia Guido
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