Art Light Architecture, the light installation in Budapest

Light Architecture, the light installation in Budapest

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In Budapest, at the l’Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, it is possible to visit Light Architecture, an installation conceived and created by the Hungarian architects Bálint Botzheim and Sándor Böröcz, which is composed of a large number of abstract lights. The latter are placed inside a large black space that imitates the universe and illuminates it in a certain sequence. The work Light Architecture sets all the lights in motion and outlines abstract spaces. The spectators who visit the installation not only follow the beams but can also walk inside them, becoming themselves an integral and active part of the work. The artists have animated the light effect with the aim of creating architectural geometries that define the physical space in a realistic way.

To make the work even more complete, Péter Mátrai, who contributed to the realization of the sound part of the work, composed a piece of music for the installation that goes to the rhythm of the flashes. The flashes spread outwards, while a dark space is created in the center. Subsequently, the shape narrows, becoming a thin black line that then disappears.

The light installation consists of a 16x16x10 pixel RGB matrix, in the middle of which there is a five-high corridor of irregular shape and includes about 2,500 pixels divided over 16 artnet universes. 

With this exhibition, the architecture exhibition commemorates artists born in Hungary, in particular, László Moholy-Nagy, István Sebők and Andor Weininger on the centenary of the founding of Bauhaus, a school of architecture, art and design that worked in Germany from 1919 to 1933.

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