The importance of what we have on our planet in the Mercado Libre commercial

18 September 2019

The Mercado Libre commercial makes us open our eyes to the fact that we are looking on other planets for what we don't care about on our own.

In recent years, aerospace research in several countries no longer aims to discover new planets, stars or galaxies, but to investigate ways of living far from the Earth. What scientists and technicians are looking for is a place with a mild climate, with the presence of oxygen, water, and fertile soil, without being predisposed to atmospheric disasters such as sandstorms, tidal waves or hurricanes. 

It seems almost paradoxical: we are looking for a planet exactly like the one in which we live and which we are throwing away. In practice, it seems that scholars are telling us that between taking care of our planet and finding a new place in the infinity of the Universe in which to live, the second option is easier. 

It is on this assumption that the spot edited by the agency Gut Buenos Aires is based to advertise the section dedicated to eco-sustainable products sold and auctioned on the Latin American e-commerce platform Mercado Libre

It’s a short that goes straight to the point: we follow the adventures of a man who, with his spaceship, travels the Universe far and wide in search of a place, another place to live, but in the end we must accept the idea that no place is like the Earth and that the sooner we realize it, the sooner we will take more care of it.  

“On other planets we look for what we don’t take care of in ours.”

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