Michal Krasnopolski’s are the most minimal posters ever

3 September 2019

With a minimalist and bare style, Michal Krasnopolski has revisited the posters of films such as Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings.

Born in 1980, Michal Krasnopolski is a Polish graphic designer and art director who works especially in the advertising industry, but not only. The series of graphics entitled Grid Movie Poster was born from his passion for cinema, for films and especially for their posters. 

Grid Movie Poster Michal Krasnopolski | Collater.al

You will surely be shocked by the minimalism, by the almost total absence of elements in his posters.

For this project, Michal Krasnopolski starts from a real grid formed by a square and its two diagonals and a circle divided into four by a cross. He himself describes the project in the following way:

“The basic concept was to create a very modernist, minimalist poster series for movie enthusiasts. The idea is based on a very simple grid: a circle and two diagonals inscribed in a square. It surprised me how many posters I could create based on this very simple approach; the possibilities are theoretically unlimited.

The enterprise seems impossible, but for each film, the Warsaw graphic designer managed to choose the few, very few, right lines to follow to give back the sense of the film. 

Of course, recognizing the title will be less immediate than usual, but with a bit of concentration, you can do it. 


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