Style Miragal’s Raï’n’B for Tommy Jeans “Music Takes Us Further”

Miragal’s Raï’n’B for Tommy Jeans “Music Takes Us Further”

Giulia Guido

Miragal, the stage name of Afef Jmili, is a young singer who was born in Morocco and moved to Italy at the age of three. The cultural mix that exists in her is reflected above all in her music, which can be classified under the genre of Raï’n’B, born from the fusion of R’n’B and Raï, the traditional musical genre widespread in Algeria and Morocco.
One only has to listen to her single ‘Sin‘ to see how the meeting of different sounds gives rise to something original and fresh through which Miragal manages to express herself 100%. 

Her life experience has also led her to address racism, inclusivity and feminism on her social profiles, becoming a symbol for a whole generation of young girls and boys with similar backgrounds. 


With her sunny and assertive personality, Miragal perfectly embodies all the values on which the entire Tommy JeansMusic Takes Us Further‘ campaign for Spring 2021 has been built. For the occasion, in fact, young international musicians and artists with different and heterogeneous backgrounds and stories were chosen as the faces to best embody the claim. 

In the past few weeks we at have been lucky enough to do video interviews with RINI, KeKe and the DJs from Hoe__mies and now it’s time for Miragal. Don’t miss the interview below!
Written by Giulia Guido
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