Art The world through the illustrations of Paul Thurlby

The world through the illustrations of Paul Thurlby

Giulia Guido

You don’t have to be an expert or an enthusiast to be amazed by the beauty of a vintage poster or a vintage playbill. Maybe it’s the bold lettering, the saturated colours or the strong contrast of light and shadow, but every time we see one we immediately want to hang it in our living room.
Paul Thurlby‘s illustrations have exactly the same effect. 

Paul Thurlby is an illustrator from Nottingham who now lives in Brighton. Here, he uses his pencils and colours every day to create small masterpieces that take us on a journey around the world.
Paul Thurlby makes no secret of the fact that he draws his inspiration from these timelessly fascinating vintage posters, but with his own unique style he manages to modernise them a little. 

His creative process is divided into two phases, the first one where he actually works on the illustration using traditional media and the second one where he redefines the image digitally. 

In addition to his personal projects, Paul Thurlby is best known for his book published in 2011 entitled Alphabet, which was a huge success not only in England but worldwide. In addition, Paul is a regular contributor to The Guardian and throughout his career has worked with companies such as Vespa, John Lewis, The National Gallery London, Camera Moda, Washington Post, The New Yorker, Nokia, Vanity Fair, The Times, The Independent, The Bank of England.

We have selected just a few of his works, but to discover them all follow him on Instagram and visit his website

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Written by Giulia Guido
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