Design “My Football Kit”, the futuristic ball by studio Nendo
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“My Football Kit”, the futuristic ball by studio Nendo

Emanuele D'Angelo

Japanese design studio Nendo has pulled off another one of its own. As always on point, always on the cutting edge, the studio recently unveiled a non-inflatable soccer ball created for the world’s poorest communities.
Dubbed “My Football Kit”, this non-inflatable soccer from Nendo can be assembled using three different types of components for a total of 54 parts. Even if a component comes off during play, the interlocking structure ensures that the ball will not come apart.

The design of “My Football Kit” takes inspiration from an ancestor of soccer, the “Kemari”, a similar game born in Japan in 664 but still practiced today.

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In impoverished communities around the world, in addition to the difficulties of obtaining the regular soccer ball, its maintenance presents a barrier even once purchased, both due to the unavailability of air pumps and the deterioration and damage of the tube inside the ball.

As an answer to this problem, a non-inflatable soccer ball has been designed that gives the same kicking feel as a standard ball.
Available in multiple colors, Nendo’s “My Football Kit” ball marks a new era for the world’s most popular sport.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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