Photography The unpredictable shots by Nicolas Polli

The unpredictable shots by Nicolas Polli

Anna Frattini

Nicolas Polli‘s photography captures unpredictable moments, giving life to everyday objects. Not only a photographer but also a graphic designer and publisher, Polli seems to never stop. In his still life images, there is nothing ordinary; each element comes to life, assuming new meanings.

In 2012, he co-founded the photographic magazine YET with Salvatore Vitale, and in 2016, Atelier CIAO – an independent studio specializing in editorial design and still life – constantly collaborating with luxury brands and design. Now also a resident artist at Atelier Robert in Bienne, Switzerland, Nicolas Polli focuses on still life. All of this, after inventing an expedition to Ferox, an imaginary planet, in 2017.

In Ferox, The Forgotten Files: A Journey to the Hidden Moon of Mars 1976–2010 Polli plays with our inability to discern the real from the unreal. In his still life works, he reflects on our fragile relationship with everyday objects. When the familiar shapes of these objects change in unusual ways, everything changes, including our perception. In When Strawberries Will Grow on Trees, I Will Kiss U, the combination of a banana peel, a croissant, and some cigarette butts takes on a particularly disturbing meaning, but it all works, managing to show us the objects of our daily lives from a completely foreign perspective.

Ph. courtesy Nicolas Polli

To discover more of Nicolas Polli’s shots, visit his Instagram profile.

Written by Anna Frattini
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