Style Nike Air Max 270 React and the exclusive collaboration with Toiletpaper

Nike Air Max 270 React and the exclusive collaboration with Toiletpaper

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Nike Air Max 270 React e l'esclusiva collaborazione con Toiletpaper |

Nike launches a new model of Air Max: the Air Max 270 React. Born from the fusion of the Nike 270 – it was the first Nike lifestyle to present the highest Air Unit ever made – and the Nike React with soft and durable foam. It is, therefore, a further evolution of the Air Max family, which continues its process of technological development. The upper of the shoe has a radiant design, given by the layers of materials that are not sewn so that it reproduces the traditional aesthetics, but with a new type of workmanship.

The Air Max 270 React is produced with bar-tack technology inspired by Element React 87,” explains Dylan Raasch, Nike Senior Sportswear Design Director. “This process generates an aesthetic that captures the eye.” The energy released by the silhouette, particularly its geometries, is at the basis of the shoe’s potential and also gives it an eclectic and appetizing visual expression.

The first releases of Nike Air Max 270 React are inspired by art history and design. Each colorway is designed to refer to a specific artistic movement in form and tone. The “zero” coloring, for example, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, recalling the asymmetries and balances of the current. Small spoiler, in other colors there will be the psychedelic vibe of San Francisco and geometric compositions of various kinds.

On the basis of their desire to join the world of art, Nike and the collective Toiletpaper – founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari in 2010 – are joining together in an exclusive project for the city of Milan on the occasion of the release of the sneaker yesterday, July 3. 

They create super-colored posters, fresh and summery, in perfect Toiletpaper style. The inspiration comes from art and design, but also from the city itself, imagined as a playground to be discovered during the summer holidays, step by step towards the following seasons, with a thread of irony and provocation and the core “motion and movement” of the brand.  And it is precisely Milan because it always has a look towards the future of design and is the perfect place to experiment and innovate.

The collaboration will not stop at the visual side only, in fact, a workshop led by Pierpaolo Ferrari and the rest of the Toiletpaper team is scheduled for this month. A series of surprises are planned, accessible only by living in the city and hunting for the posters we talked about earlier.

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Text by Elisa Scotti

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