Architerror. An Instagram profile of big mistakes

If you are not a follower yet, well you should start right now! Architerror is an Instagram profile that collects all the most unlikely architectures (and let's face it… almost "terrible") around the world.

There are millions of architectural platforms by now. Millions! Every day in our endless scrolling on Instagram, in our ”Home” or in our “Explore” tool, we see beautiful and perfect architecture or maybe some special apartment with a very good interior design, maybe the face of the Archi- star that designed the new Tower in Manhattan or the new concrete house in Tokyo by a famous Japanese architect. Are you tired of so much beauty? Is that a bit boring? Are you looking for a new architectural wave? Well, Architerror is the solution for you.

We say stop to symmetry, beauty, proportion and yes to weirdo things: a church that looks like Jesus, a facade full of LV by Louis Vuitton marks and many more. Buildings that have an animal or human shapes, impossible and bandy windows, the revival of the Roman Greek style: everything! Architerror is a melting pot of weirdo architectural things. If you are tired of the usual Instagram profiles of architecture, this is the one for you.

Text by Bianca Felicori


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