Style Ethereal: Noskra’s New Collection

Ethereal: Noskra’s New Collection

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Noskra has launched a new collection, titled Ethereal, during Milan Fashion Week. This new unisex line draws inspiration from the majesty of nature, capturing the beauty of mountain vistas and the complexity of details found in trees and rocks, represented through textures and design details in the garments. The collection is distinguished by its soft cuts and forms, offering both comfort and an elegant touch, fully immersed in Noskra’s vision. A color palette ranging from white to black, including natural tones, allows the lines to create a harmonious balance between simplicity and coolness.

The main feature of the collection is the modular and versatile trousers, designed to adapt to the wearer, providing multiple fits. The collection also includes a series of interesting vests and shirts. Each piece of the collection is designed to reflect both the tranquility and strength of nature, transforming natural elements into something with a distinctly contemporary taste. The chosen materials are of high quality, environmentally friendly, and designed to ensure a fresh and soft wearing experience. The fluid silhouettes and refined textures invite a return to the origins, celebrating the interaction between humans and the surrounding environment.

«With Ethereal, we wanted to create a collection that not only represents the beauty of nature but also invites reflection on our connection with it and the hidden beauty in the details, transformed into innovative and sustainable clothing,» says the Noskra team.

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