Art Olimpia Zagnoli’s illustrations for Barilla celebrate universal love

Olimpia Zagnoli’s illustrations for Barilla celebrate universal love

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On the occasion of this year’s World Pasta Championship, Barilla collaborated with Olimpia Zagnoli to create a special limited edition package of Spaghetti N°5.

Olimpia is a young Milanese artist who has distinguished herself for her fresh style, characterized by new and soft shapes and bright and dark colors at the same time. 

“I designed a couple of women in love sharing a plate of spaghetti late at night and sent it. I waited for a response, thinking Barilla would never accept it but guess what: they did”

Her idea proved to be successful and with a disarming simplicity, it became the perfect celebration of universal love and the bearer of a message of inclusion.

For a globally active company, the key feature must be that it is constantly in step with the times and close to the issues that concern the community.

“In recent years we have taken significant steps towards a path of diversity and inclusion. We believe that it is not only the right thing to do but also fundamental for our business”.


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?? @barilla #pastaworldchampionship The first time i met with the team at Barilla, i immediately addressed the infamous statements that came out in 2013 about gay couples. I also told them that after that i was so disappointed that i stopped buying their products (not just pasta but flour, cookies, snacks…) for many years. What i didn’t know was that while i was protesting in my kitchen, Barilla made significant progress radically redefining its Code of Ethics and adjusting its internal policies to ensure greater inclusion and enhance the respect for different sexual orientations, gender equality, rights of the disabled, and multicultural and intergenerational issues. It now collaborates with different foreign organisations that support the rights of LGBT communities (Catalyst, Parks, ValoreD, Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, The Tyler Clementi Foundation, The 30% Club); it supports associations that promote LGBT rights and events against homophobia such as, for example, Spirit Day, the largest campaign against bullying and for the inclusion of LGBT youths promoted by the American GLAAD; it promotes and actively participates in local meetings with LGBT communities. Barilla also scored 100% in the Human Rights Campaign Annual Corporate Equality Index from 2015 to 2018. I took this assignment because i was free to express my personal point of view through my illustrations and i’m glad i had such a big platform to do so. I hope corporations, big/small brands and people will learn from their mistakes and educate themselves to make this world a better place.

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The limited edition packages with Olimpia Zagnoli’s illustrations were distributed during the event celebrating World Pasta Day,  that if you are interested it is October 25th.

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