Music OSA 2021, the new frontier of Italian music in Basilicata

OSA 2021, the new frontier of Italian music in Basilicata

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OSA 2021

Slowly live shows and creative contests start popping up again. Among the latter, the third edition of the CALL PER PRODUCERS OSA 2021 of the Open Sound Project deserves a mention, as it returns this year in a completely renewed way thanks to the collaboration with Sugar Music Publishing

If you’re a producer between the ages of 18 and 35, and you feel you want to share your talents with the world, this is definitely your chance. You have until August 7 to submit your request to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime collective performance.

The selected person will stay in an artistic residence from 23 to 26 August at the Officine Culturali di Bernalda, and then from 26 to 29 August at the Mulino Iannarelli near Potenza, where he/she will have the opportunity to work alongside renowned professionals in the music sector such as Mattia Barro “Splendore”, Marco “Foresta” of the Collective IVREATRONIC and Matilde Ferrari aka “Plastica”

Together, they will work on the realization of a unique live show from scratch, combining the experimental sounds of the ancient tradition of Lucania with the electronic and futuristic sounds of the new Italian music wave, in one of the most evocative places in Italy: the Pollino National Park. 

Also here, on August 28 and as part of the 25th edition of the Pollino Music Festival, the preview of the Collective Performance OSA 2.1 will be held, with the participation of the traditional musician Lucan. The actual live show will be held in November 2021, during the Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival Conference, one of the most important events of Milano Music Week.

If you want to step up your game as a producer with the help of top Italian producers and go beyond the confines of mainstream music, this is your chance. Sign up here!
OSA 2021
OSA 2021

Article by Cristiano Di Capua

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