Art Commercials aiming for the Emmy

Commercials aiming for the Emmy

Giulia Guido

Some people can’t stand it, and as soon as it comes on, they switch the channel or skip watching a YouTube video. I’m talking about commercials. But amidst all the mediocre stuff we’re offered every day, in any format, there are those that stand out and deserve an award – and not just any award, but an Emmy.

Since 1997, what is considered the most prestigious television award in the world – the Emmys – has had a category within the Creative Arts section dedicated exclusively to Outstanding Commercials.

Just watch one of the nominated commercials this year to understand that there is good and bad advertising, and ultimately, the real difference lies in the stories. Yes, because each of these commercials tells a different story, from Timothée Chalamet’s ironic frustration for not having his own show on Apple TV+ to the feeling of inadequacy in a society with unattainable beauty standards.

We’ll only find out the winner on September 9th, but until then, we can watch them over and over again, just like movies.

“The Greatest” (Apple) – Somesuch & Apple Inc.

“Call Me with Timothée Chalamet” (Apple TV+) – MJZ & TBWA/Media Arts Lab

“Cost of Beauty” (Dove) – Smuggler & Ogilvy 

“Forever” (The Farmer’s Dog) – Sanctuary

“Quiet the Noise” (AirPods) – Iconoclast TV & TBWA/Media Arts Lab 

“R.I.P. Leon” (Apple) – Biscuit Filmworks & Apple Inc.

“The Singularity” (Squarespace) – Smuggler & Squarespace 

Written by Giulia Guido
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