The new look of the old Pacherhof winery, modern and minimalist

5 September 2019

In the Isarco Valley the old Parcherhof wine cellar has been renovated, with a traditional and hi-tech taste and also includes an office and a tasting room.

Bergmeisterwolf Architekten has designed the extension of a cellar for the Pacherhof in the Isarco Valley in northern Italy. It is considered to be the oldest cellar in the area. The geometric shape of the building, two trapezoids one above the other, seems to rise from the ground: the slate-colored exterior and the abstract shape make it a stylized, almost geological interpretation of the surroundings.

The area in which it was built is home to the 12th-century abbey of Novacella, one of the most important monasteries in Tyrol and the place where the region’s wine-growing tradition began. This began with the monks who began to produce in the nearby fields, but documents show that the winery Pacherhof began its activities before the opening of the monastery.

The original cellar was kept as it was, traditional and characteristic to provide an aesthetic contrast with the addition of the werewolf Bergmeisterwolf. A tunnel connects the subsoil with the new cellar, while a stairwell leads to the surface and into the pyramidal tower. Coated in bronze panels, this visible part of the cellar is designed to blend in with the landscape. Within this contemporary propagation are an office and a tasting room.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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