Art A wall of stained glass between Parisian boulevards

A wall of stained glass between Parisian boulevards

Giulia Guido

Imagine walking through the Parisian streets of the Rive Gauche when you take Boulevard Raspail and instead of walking past the walls of the buildings you find yourself looking at the reflection of the streets on a very long wall of stained glass. This is the latest work by architect Aldric Beckmann for the Embellir Paris initiative. 

Embellir Paris is a project aimed at all artists, collectives, students, designers, architects and art schools in Paris that aims to give new life to specific points of the city through the creation of installations and works. After a first selection in 2018, the 20 selected artists have started to design and realize their works. 

Aldric Beckmann’s work, entitled Tangram sur Raspail, was officially inaugurated at the beginning of the year, but only now (after the lockdown and with the arrival of the summer season) does it show its full potential. The work consists of a wall, also known as a landscape fresco, made by assembling enamelled glass panels, each of a different colour. 

The production of the panels was commissioned to the French company Sto, specialized in glass processing, while the choice of colors was the result of a careful study of the surrounding landscape. Every shade present in Aldric Beckmann’s work is in fact present in the street and in the neighborhood, in this way the installation becomes a real reinterpretation of the environment. 

In addition to bringing a touch of color to the Boulevard Raspail, Tangram sur Raspail reflects everything around it, from buildings to cars on the street, offering citizens and tourists a new vision of Paris. 

Go to the Embellir Paris website to discover all the other projects and Aldric Beckmann’s website to learn about the architect’s past work. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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