Design Park Roof House, the garden house in Vietnam

Park Roof House, the garden house in Vietnam

Giulia Guido

Often when you have to choose a house you have to sacrifice something. Many times the choice is between a house in the city center, but without green spaces and away from parks, or a house in the suburbs with gardens available. MDA Architects, however, did not want to give up anything and designed the Park Roof House

Located in a residential district of Ho Chi Minh, far from public parks and gardens, the house has been completely transformed, so much so as to create a real urban oasis on the roof, a private park with trees, a vegetable garden where you can grow fruit and vegetables and space for walking surrounded by greenery. 

But the greenery does not end with the outside, inside the Park Roof House is developed around a large central atrium that, throughout the height of the walls, has small red brick balconies used as flower boxes, from which come out different types of plants.

In this case, the natural element is used to create a dialogue between the inside and the outside and reconstruct in the rooms and rooms of the house that relaxed atmosphere that you can breathe on the roof. 

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Written by Giulia Guido
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