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The digital mask is our ideal self

Giorgia Massari

Josefin Jonsson‘s are deviant creatures to many, but to her it is nothing more than her ideal self. The Swedish artist, born in the mid-1980s, goes through the advent of the Internet and digital at the height of her adolescence and becomes so obsessed with it that she uses it as her main artistic medium. Everything for her stems from there, from the magic of the web and its endless possibilities. She immediately realizes that everything we project on social media is nothing more than our digital mask and that this is not a fictitious representation of ourselves, but is what we aspire to be. A bit like the Pirandellian masks we wear in various situations, today in the midst of the digital age we also have one for this new world, parallel to the real one but increasingly lived in. Here our thoughts and our first performance converge.

This is how Pastelae, Josefin’s alter-ego as well as his digital mask, was born. The artist, in wondering how important the appearance of our “flesh wrappings” is compared to that of our “avatars,” takes this one step further by taking the concept of a digital mask to extremes. In other words, Pastelae comes out of the screen until it becomes real, worn personally by Josefin.

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«Personally, I feel that innovation in creating digital faces in our likeness brings us closer to divine creation, not blowing life into matter, but fixing fates through the representation of another way of existing, pushing the boundary of how to appear human.»

Josefin Jonsson

Alien, deviant, monstrous figures merge with holographic and shiny skins, surgically prefect bodies and slimy textures, originating the digital version of Josefin Jonsson or what he would like to be. With no small amount of extravagance, Pastelae embodies the marriage of her digital mask-the one we all have-and her ideal self, following the concept of cosplay and making us wonder what her next mask will be, now so diva and so extraterrestrial.


Contrary to what one might think from looking at her avatars, Josefin Jonsson’s pastelverse is anything but fictitious. Here her rebellious soul emerges, which could only flourish thanks to the web during her Swedish adolescence in a small, boring town. Video games, the vaporwave style and the digital world in general meant that her art could develop, drawing from subcultures such as punk and metal, the queer world and the Japanese visual kei style. Then the holographic effect, pink and pastel colors finished it all off, resulting in works “with dream layers and soft pink internet feelings,” as it says on her Instagram bio, where the artist has 160K followers, attracting the attention – among others – of Miley Cyrus and, with whom she has collaborated on their video clips.


Courtesy Josefin Jonsson

Artavatardigital art
Written by Giorgia Massari
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