Style Where did the glasses worn by Pharrell come from?

Where did the glasses worn by Pharrell come from?

Andrea Tuzio

Paris Fashion Week FW22 dedicated to men’s fashion has just ended.
One of the moments that more than others captured the attention was the Kenzo men’s/women’s fashion show, which saw the debut of Nigo as artistic director of the French maison founded by Kenzo Takada and now owned by the Lvmh group. 
The show took place in a symbolic location for Kenzo, at Galleries Vivienne in Paris, where the brand first showed 52 years ago.

The show was also an opportunity to see all together some of the most influential and coolest people in fashion and beyond. Among the participants there were also Kanye West and Julia Fox – in total denim – Tyler The Creator and Nigo’s best friend, Pharrell Williams.

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Pharrell showed up at the fashion show wearing a pair of Chanel sunglasses that could in no way go unnoticed. Studded with diamonds and emeralds, these glasses have made several insiders jump and consequently journalists have begun to storm Pharrell with questions about these crazy glasses.

“Tiffany and I are engaged”, Williams told WWD, evidently alluding to an ongoing collaboration. “I can’t give it all away now. I don’t want to go too much into detail, OK, because we’re here today to celebrate my brother Nigo”.

But why has there been so much attention paid to a pair of glasses? Where did they come from?

Last year, Sotheby’s auctioned off two pairs of very rare and antique eyeglasses virtually identical to those worn by Pharrell at the Kenzo fashion show and dating back to the 17th century, and belonging to the royalty of the Mughal dynasty.
The Mughals (also known as Mughals) were India’s most important imperial dynasty of Muslim religion, ruling over almost all of South Asia during the Islamic rule in India.
It was the strongest economy in the world and had the highest industrial outputs in the 17th century globally, worth nearly a quarter of the world’s GDP. In addition, the Empire represented the pinnacle of Indian architecture by building famous monuments visited by millions such as the Taj Mahal.

Apparently, however, they also had a certain predilection for accessories. In fact, these glasses, in addition to being an extremely precious object given the diamonds that adorn the entire frame and the emeralds used as lenses, also had a mystical and spiritual value. The Mughals associated diamonds to the so-called “heavenly light”, while the emerald was a link to paradise, salvation and eternal life after death within the dogmas of the Islamic religion. Glasses helped the wearer achieve enlightenment and ward off evil.

After studying a bit of history now we just have to wait and see what Pharrell Williams and Chanel have in store for us but we are sure that they will not disappoint us.


Written by Andrea Tuzio
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