Short video for Breakfast – Pieds Nus, the strange story of a family

23 February 2018

Pieds Nus is the animated short film by Loup Bouchet that tells the story, inspired by the real one, of a family living in a New Caledonia forest.

There are families that look like others, but no family is equal to the other.
Above all, not to this one.
The family protagonist of Pieds Nus, the animated short film by Loup Bouchet inspired by a true story, tells about a father and his two children who live in a house scattered in the of New Caledonia woods.

Despite the strange choice of living alone and isolated, the two children attend school and every day, to reach it, live new adventures and make new fantastic encounters.

A beautiful animation that tells of a distant reality that can be so similar to ours.


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