Plant Power, fruit and vegetables fight against junk food

27 November 2018

British graphic designer and artist Design Lad, after becoming a vegetarian, created the series of 3D Plant Power illustrations.

It’s true that the most inspiration came at any time and Design Lad, a 3D illustrator from London, came by watching a documentary on Netflix that showed how meat is produced. In addition to inspiring the Plant Power illustration series, she also led the artist to change her eating habits, starting out on a vegetarian diet.

The five illustrations designed by Design Lad represent different types of fruit and vegetables fighting against junk food of all kinds, from hot dogs to burgers. In addition, the artist has decided to attach a vegan recipe to each image, from avocado smoothie for breakfast, to a bunch of broccoli burritos, from carrot burgers and wedges for dinner, to dessert with chocolate chip chickpea blondies, ending with a tasty snack, the sweet corn fritters with dip.

“Personal project celebrating my new found love for plant power”

Plant Power Design Lad | Plant Power Design Lad | Plant Power Design Lad | Plant Power Design Lad | Plant Power Design Lad |


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