Pride: the 5 films that celebrate the universal love

26 June 2019

In the month of Pride we offer you our list of 5 films with LGBTQ+ themes to better celebrate universal love. Do you watch them?

My Beautiful Laundrette

Omar, a young Pakistani, manages to convince his uncle to let him run his old laundry. Johnny, played by a young Daniel Day-Lewis, helps him with the renovation and start-up of his new business. Their friendship will soon turn into a love story told with simplicity, without great romantic gestures, without epic scenes, but with the same shamelessness that has a love that is forced to grow in a context in which it is hardly contemplated. 

My Beautiful Laundrette, outré to deal with the theme of homosexual love, gives us a glimpse of London during the Thatcher government and of the life of the Pakistani community in the capital. 

my beautuful laundrette pride film |
my beautuful laundrette pride film |


We can’t help but mention Milk, the biographical film about the story of Harvey Milk, the first openly declared gay man to hold a public office in America. The director is played by Sean Penn, who, thanks to his extraordinary performance, won the Oscar for Best Actor. 

The strength of this film lies in the choice of director Gus Van Sant to focus not only on the private life of the protagonist but to emphasize and recreate the American political atmosphere of the ’70s, witnessing a period of social change and ideologies. 

“His life changed history. His courage changed lives.”

milk pride film |
milk pride film |

The Danish Girl 

We continue with another biographical film that tells a story even before that of Milk. We are in the 1920s in Denmark and follow the story of Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne) and his wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander). Their marriage, and their lives, change when she asks her husband to pose for a painting instead of a dancer. It is at this moment that Einar understands that something in him is changing, indeed, that something that has always been latent in the depths of his heart is surfacing. 

Einar Wegener is the first person in history to be identified as a transsexual, in fact, after 5 operations (in the film they are less) and lengthy negotiations, she was officially recognized by the state as a woman, or as Lili Elbe. 

The Danish Girl is a must-see, both for its important history and for the brilliant performance of both leading actors. 

the danish girl pride film | 2
the danish girl pride film | 2

Call Me By Your Name

What list would you be without Call Me By Your Name? The film that won Italian director and screenwriter Luca Guadagnino an Oscar for Best Non-original Screenplay. This is perhaps the film that took the theme of homosexual love to another level. That between Elio and Oliver is a love story told without stereotypes and with simplicity, a summer love capable of upsetting an entire life. 

Call Me By Your Name to see for dozens and dozens of reasons, from the perfection of the script to the fantastic Italian landscapes that frame it, to the heartfelt and profound interpretations of both Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet. 

pride film |
pride film |

Brokeback Mountain

Let’s close with a beautiful story of troubled and suffering love, that between Ennis and Jack, which makes Brokeback Mountain one of the best movies that deal with the theme of homosexual love. 

The strength of this film is to tell a love story, with its obstacles and its romantic moments, but also to set the whole story during the ’60s, in Wayoming and play on the contrast between the common thought of society at that time and the feelings between the two protagonists. 

We are not saying that the film has been a huge success among the public, making it one of those masterpieces always current and that never go out of fashion, but also a great critical success, coming to win three Oscars. 

If we have not yet managed to convince you, maybe the names of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger will do so. 

pride film |
pride film |


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