ProBoyNick the Russian artist who draws on dirty cars

19 August 2019

Nikita Golubev the street artist who transforms dust and soot on parked cars into walking works of art.

Nikita Golubev also known as ProBoyNick, Russian illustrator and artist, creates unusual illustrations using the dirt and soot deposited on dirty cars, trucks and vans. The artist is transforming the streets of Moscow by working on parked cars and transforming them into walking works of art.

The layers of dirt and the cars themselves become a perfect medium, made of colors and supports, for subtle images hidden inside them. His favorite subjects are portraits of animals and scenes of nature.

We all agree that Golubev’s canvases are unconventional and seem to be an art form that the public loves. It’s almost as if the work of this talented artist is so much appreciated that the owners of these once dirty cars won’t want to clean them anymore.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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