Rebuild The World, the LEGO campaign that encourages creativity

17 September 2019

LEGO launches the Rebuild The World campaign to encourage children and adults to cultivate their imagination and creativity.

Creativity. It is the word that will characterize the next decade. 

By now, since we are small the world around us requires the ability to be creative, from school to work solving problems in an original way can be the quality that really makes a difference. But can we teach creativity? 

Maybe LEGO with the Rebuild The World campaign doesn’t try to teach it, but to stimulate it, starting from the assumption that every single child has creative skills, you just have to find a way to make him express them. 

But the campaign is not only aimed at children, but also at adults, those who think they have lost that particular talent and have conformed to the mass. 

For this reason, the protagonists of the video directed by the collective Traktor, which accompanies Rebuild The World, are a boy in his thirties and a white rabbit. As in the novel Lewis Carroll, the boy chases the rabbit, but here we are in a world made of LEGO, where everything thought by our mind can become reality, just stack brick on top of the other. 

To stimulate the imagination of the children of the world, everyone can share their construction online and be inspired by those of others. 

lego rebuild the world |
lego rebuild the world |
lego rebuild the world |


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