Simbiosi, Edoardo Tresoldi’s installation for Arte Sella

17 September 2019

Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi presented Simbiosi, his latest site-specific work for Arte Sella, in Trentino.

On September 15, the Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi presented his latest site-specific work designed to live with the places and landscape of the art park Arte Sella, in Trentino.
Simbiosi, a sculpture that finds its definition in the union of architecture and nature, also represents a turning point for the artist’s path who, for the first time, combined the transparency of the wire mesh, the symbol of Absent Matter, with the materiality of local stones.

5 meters high and completely open to the sky, the work corresponds to a space of contemplation that defies the force of gravity and the conventional concept of ruin.
If in fact, the natural order of things would see the latter defined by a process of deterioration, in the case of Tresoldi’s work the rules change and the artist’s drawing intervenes in its conformation where the Absent Matter represents the mental structure that holds back the weight of matter giving it a rational form.

Simbiosi oscillates between the earthly and spiritual dimensions and responds to man’s primordial need to merge with the surrounding nature, to interpret it and represent it according to the codes most similar to him.

Tresoldi’s work has a deep connection with Arte Sella which, seriously damaged by a storm last year, has undergone several changes from the point of view of the territory.
Simbiosi stands on a hill that did not exist before the atmospheric event and binds to it thanks to deliberately created connections between the architectural elements and nature.
Nature that, with the passing of time, will take possession of the work giving rise to a path that will change the installation as we know it now.

A continuous dialogue between man, his work and the place that hosts him in its most positive sense.

PH: ©Roberto Conte


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