Photography Regina’s surreal and nostalgic photography

Regina’s surreal and nostalgic photography

Giulia Guido

We are so used to digital photography that when we are confronted with analogue shots with in-camera effects, we are amazed and hypnotised. This is what happened to us when we discovered Regina‘s photographs on Instagram as @wasitapril
Regina is a young 24-year-old girl, born in Seefeld, Austria, who moved to Paris less than a year ago, where she has been able to develop and cultivate her creativity and passion for photography. 

Regina started shooting about two years ago with a Canon AL-1, and since then her love for both Canon cameras and especially for analogue photography has only grown. 

Although she is not a professional photographer, a quick glance at her work is enough to see its potential. Regina lives by experimenting, creating effects directly on camera or by using natural elements such as shadows, light or water. Whether colourful or black and white, her work always has a surreal atmosphere and a nostalgic, melancholic feel. 

We’re sure we’ll hear from Regina again soon, but in the meantime, check out some of her shots below and follow her on Instagram

Written by Giulia Guido
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