Style “C.P. Company 971 – 021,” the book that celebrates the history of the brand

“C.P. Company 971 – 021,” the book that celebrates the history of the brand

Andrea Tuzio

Fifty years have passed since one of the most important and influential figures in the history of fashion, Massimo Osti, founded C.P. Company.

The values and elements that in 1971 led that young graphic designer from Bologna to begin this incredible adventure by creating his own brand of T-Shirts “Chester Perry” are the same that are still an integral part of the Italian brand that expertly mixes craftsmanship and textile technology.

We’ve been telling you for a while about all the initiatives that C.P. Company is pursuing thi year to celebrate its 50th anniversary

Today we have reached Chapter 4 of this long celebration which consists of a book: “C.P. Company 971 – 021. An informal history of Italian sportswear” edited by Lodovico Pignatti Morano and with photographic contribution by Neil Bedford.

This monograph traces the history of the company as seen through the personal stories of fifty people with strong ties to the brand.
From historic designers such as Moreno Ferrari, Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti, to Massimo Osti’s family, to close friends, to fans and collectors from different generations and parts of the world.

The book is also a sort of glossary with the main design and production techniques of C.P. Company, highlighting moments, innovations, techniques and fabrics that express the spirit of the brand talking about its relevance in the fashion system.

“The ability to understand the present and interpret it…And in some way this is the meaning of this book: a gallery of portraits of real people, all very different from each other, some famous, some not, some young, some old, all united by their profound relationship to this brand. These are people for whom C.P. Company has represented something more than just a brand of clothing to wear; for them it has become an idea, something that has signaled important moments in their lives, and with which they have created an empathetic relationship”, declared Lorenzo Osti, Massimo’s son and President of C.P. Company.

“C.P. Company 971 – 021. An informal history of Italian sportswear”, will be available starting June 17th at and in all C.P. flagship stores in Milan, Amsterdam, London, Seoul and Tokyo.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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