Style Are 3D printed Sneakers charming?

Are 3D printed Sneakers charming?

Anna Frattini

3D printers have been talked about for many years now and today they stand as one of the most intriguing technologies on the market. Today, we want to discuss them in relation to the world of footwear, the innovations this technology can bring, and what it might mean for the future of the fashion industry. Taking a tour on TikTok, there are numerous creators unboxing and discussing this technology in relation to sneakers. As early as 2013, Nike was printing the cleats for Vapor Laser Talon, leaving room for the future of innovation even in the footwear industry. Today, significant strides have been made in this field, and 3D printed footwear has taken on a futuristic charm that intrigues many.

sneaker stampa 3d
Le Nike Vapor Laser Talon risalenti al 2013

Are 3D Printed Sneakers Really the Future?

Culted has compiled a list of the most interesting 3D printed sneakers of recent times. From BOTTER x Reebok to ALIVEFORM TOPO-01 and the RAINS Puffer Boot Sneaker, a shoe conceived by the Danish brand in collaboration with Zellerfeld, a company exclusively focused on 3D printing footwear. It seems they have understood how to set up collaborations that are more or less successful in this market segment. This is evidenced by collaborations with forward-thinking brands like PLEASURES, Moncler, RAINS, or Pangaia. Zellerfeld’s Instagram profile states that the shoes they produce are «Printed not made. Fully recyclable. Factory free.» Certainly a revolutionary approach in these uncertain times. Zellerfeld’s shoes are made to order – adaptable to the wearer’s foot – and the thermoplastic material can be recovered once they are no longer in use. The appearance of these sneakers is certainly pop – almost eccentric when made in colorful versions – and the absence of seams or other embellishments makes them one of the most striking shoes on the market.

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Joey Khamis’s Revolution

Joey Khamis is one of the most innovative footwear designers in this sector and – also thanks to collaboration with Zellerfeld – demonstrates how 3D printing of footwear can also be linked to other technologies, primarily virtual reality. On Khami Studios‘s Instagram profile, we also find behind-the-scenes glimpses of the designer’s work, which is continuously evolving.

sneaker stampa 3d
The Ero by Khamis Studio shoes

The shoes released in collaboration with Zellerfeld, the Ero by Khamis Studio, have the same futuristic look we discussed earlier. In short, the silhouette of 3D printed shoes on the market today is definitely not for everyone, but we also wonder if these will be the shoes we wear in our everyday lives in the future. Being a completely different shoe compared to many of those we are used to seeing around, we will certainly continue to watch the developments of this technology with keen interest.

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Written by Anna Frattini
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