Design “Starry Night” the new LEGO set dedicated to Van Gogh
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“Starry Night” the new LEGO set dedicated to Van Gogh

Emanuele D'Angelo

After having recently released its particular bouquets, we talked about it here, LEGO surprises us again but this time with a set dedicated to the great Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Everything was born from the brilliant intuition of Truman Cheng, who uploaded his proposal in the portal of LEGO ideas. In a very short time his idea has reached about 10 thousand votes, so the Danish company has decided to get to work and recreate the masterpiece of 1889: “The Starry Night”.

“To me, LEGO is more than toys, it’s something similar to painting,” – Cheng concludes – “I can express myself, create characters and sculptures from my imagination. It’s a very relaxing experience where I can forget about the petty troubles in daily lives, and get lost in my own imagination. yeah, very much like painting.”


The set will consist of 1552 bricks and will recreate the original painting in a 3D scene. A faithful reproduction that also recreates the artist’s iconic brushstrokes and of course the choice of colors.

For the occasion, in honor of the artist, LEGO will add to the set a mini figure of Vincent Van Gogh with a brush, a paint palette, an easel and a mini replica of his painting.

A set for you art lover and not to be missed.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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