Design Taperá House, the house with a garden on the roof

Taperá House, the house with a garden on the roof

Giulia Guido

Often when people talk about houses they only think about what they see when they walk through the front door and almost never about what is above their heads. The latest project by New York architect Victor Ortiz and his studio, on the other hand, blends minimalist interior design with a structure that enhances every element.
The Taperá House is located in an isolated place surrounded by nature near Paraty, a town south of Rio de Janeiro. The name derives from indigenous dwellings characterised by a simple and essential structure. 

Although the house appears to be built on the same level, it is actually composed of three blocks on three different levels that follow the contours of the land. The first is the highest, the one with the entrance, and is dedicated to the living area: here we find a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a breakfast room and a guest suite. 

The second level is dedicated to the sleeping area and houses three suites, each with French windows and openings to the outside. 

The third and last level, which opens onto a huge outdoor area, is designed as a sort of social terrace with a home-theatre and outdoor dining area. 

But the real peculiarity of Taperá House is its roof: the three blocks are covered by an oblique roof which follows the contours of the land, with openings to allow full use of natural light, and which has been completely covered with a layer of grass. This choice allows the home to blend in with the surrounding greenery, hiding among nature and allowing the owners to reconnect with it. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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