Style SOUKUU Continues Its Adventure in the Outdoor Realm

SOUKUU Continues Its Adventure in the Outdoor Realm

Anna Frattini

The partnership between The North Face and UNDERCOVER continues to strengthen, awaiting the second season of SOUKUU. This is the line that bets on high-performance technology designed for hiking and trail running, setting itself apart through UNDERCOVER’s design. This second season, specifically, revolves around two concepts: the pursuit of emptiness and the discovery of a meditative state in nature.

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This is precisely where Jun Takahashi, the head designer of UNDERCOVER, begins his exploration. The collection reflects a blend of linear yet sophisticated forms that also incorporate performance-oriented technology. Moreover, athletes have been instrumental in testing the performance of the garments in this collection, set to launch on March 28. We discussed gorpcore extensively here, and SOUKUU 2 appears to be one of those collections that follows the trend by emphasizing performance.

In essence, every detail is designed to enhance performance by adding functional elements meticulously crafted in every detail. It’s important to mention The North Face’s VECTIV and Windwall technologies. In short, this is the continuation of a collection that relies heavily on technical fabrics and hiking accessories making it one of the most interesting for this season.

Written by Anna Frattini
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