The Polaris Project, the nordic exploration of Alex Strohl

20 March 2018

The photographer Alex Strohl brings us to discover the north of Iceland in his photographic series, The Polaris Project.

One of the things for which we must thank Instagram is that it has introduced us to the photographic talent of Alex Strohl.

Born in Spain, rise in France and now in the States, the young photographer bewitches for a long time us with his travels and adventures in the natural world.

One of his recent experiences was in the north of Iceland, from where he created the photographic series, The Polaris Project.

Blue and white in all their shades and darknesses are the rulers in the images, where the absence of light doesn’t bother who observes them with an open mouth for the beauty of the landscapes. In one of the photograph we’re in the middle of a white desert made of snow, in another one we’re on a boat ploughing a sea that has the same color of the night, in another more we have a long road that doesn’t seem to end ahead of us and at the end we’re merged in gelid waters.

It’s a journey immortalized in a screen that we all would love to do, maybe with Alex himself.



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