Design The Seeds, seed-shaped cabins immersed in the forest

The Seeds, seed-shaped cabins immersed in the forest

Giulia Guido

About a month ago we reported on Chinese architecture firm ZJJZ Atelier when they completed “The Mushroom”, a mushroom-shaped cabin built for the Tree Wow hotel. But the architects didn’t stop there, and went on to design a second type of building. This is how they came up with “The Seeds”, four bean-shaped cabins in the woods near Jiangxi. 

This time, instead of starting with the shape, the architects concentrated on the distribution of space. Only later did they realise that what they had in mind could be achieved by building small bean-shaped dwellings.
For the time being, there are four cabins, side by side, with the forest behind them and close to ponds. 

As for the exterior, each house is covered with wooden shingles and aluminium tiles. The wooden shingles recall the architectural tradition of the area and give the structure a shelter-like appearance. The aluminium tiles reflect the colours of nature, allowing The Seeds to change colour according to the season. 

To have as little impact on the environment as possible, the cabins are built like stilts and can only be accessed via an external staircase. Inside, the cabins offer a comfortable atmosphere due to the exclusive use of wood. Moreover, this material, with all its grains, accentuates the curved lines of the structure. 

The Seeds houses a double bedroom, a bathroom, a storage area and a relaxation area created with a mezzanine. For the architects it was essential not to create a sense of isolation from the outside, so the cabin has several round windows facing all sides, including one facing the sky from which to admire the stars. 

Last but not least, the circular terrace can be accessed from the bedroom and offers a unique view of the forest. 

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Written by Giulia Guido
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