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Tommaso Berra
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Born and raised in Brescia, Italy, Paola Colombo (known as Pollaz) is a “hands-on” artist and designer who has always been linked to the world of manual skills. She loves fabrics, needle and thread, and for this reason everything that her mind imagines is then translated into creations of all kinds: she experiments with different techniques, loves to use fabric and draw on it with a sewing machine, cut out paper and assemble pieces or draw digitally thinking then how to make the design she creates three-dimensional. 

Her brand “Pollaz,” officially established in 2008, now signs accessories, furniture complements and other fabric objects based on her illustrations, as well as papercuts and patterns intended for furniture and commissioned realizations for brands and companies.

The secret of her success? Always being original, dedicated to detail but above all keeping up with the times. Her creations are very varied, ranging in many different products and over time they have changed and evolved. We could say that in a way Pollaz has the ability to transpose all her imagination made of imaginary friends and imaginative worlds into illustrations and works.

“I have always loved filling sheets and notebooks with drawings and doodles looking for the best way to bring my designs to life. The home is a fundamental element in my work, from the drawings that depict it to the products intended to inhabit it. I have a boundless passion for miniatures, tiny little things, minute details but at the same time I am fascinated by simplification, which is why I like to range a lot in my work!”, together with BRILLO Magazine interviewed Pamcoc, asking her to take sides in what is utopically a world in which there always seems to be only two contrasting elements to choose between. This or That?

– Noon or midnight?

– Venice Biennale or Vatican Museums?
Venice Biennale

– Coca Cola or Pepsi?
Coca Cola

– Easy Rider or Fast and Furious?
Easy Rider

– Batman or Spiderman?

– Zombie invasion or alien invasion?
Zombie invasion

– Phone call or text message?
Text message

– Nostalgia or imagination?

– Ice cream cone or cup?
Cup of course!

– Color inside the edges or outside the edges?
Inside the edges

– Free beach or lido?
Free beach

– Screaming or whispering?

– Flying or mind-reading?

– Full or empty?

– NY or LA?
I can’t choose, both

– 00s or 10s?

– Gen Z or Millennials?

– Instagram or TikTok?
There are very nice kitten videos on both

– Apple or Samsung?

– Bates Motel or Overlook Hotel?

– Iron or stone?

– Mozart or Metallica?
A little of one, a little of the other

Angels or Evil?

– Federer or Nadal?

– Anarchy or law?

-’70s or ’90s?

-Auction House or crypto art?
Auction House

-Win an Oscar or a Grammy?

– Survive in Squid Game or Hunger Games?

– Having a doppelganger or a talking dog?
A talking dog

– Tea or coffee?

– Winter or Summer?

– Suv or Spider car?
I havn’t license

– A trip with a VolksWagen van or in an all inclusive hotel?

– Cooking or Deliveroo?

– Waking up early or going to bed late?
Going to bed late

Pollaz |

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Written by Tommaso Berra
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