Design Studio Three’s toy collection

Studio Three’s toy collection

Tommaso Berra
Three |

The Three project, born in 2009 in Japan, stems from the passion for the world of manga and anime of three artists from Fukushima. The collective’s reference imagery is that of Japanese pop culture, anime animation, figurines and action figures, to create artistic installations.
With several exhibitions throughout Asia Three plays on the concepts of collectivism and anonymity, creating abstract artworks.
Since 2014, he has been working on the plastic sculpture project, a real collection of toys featuring some characters that are recognisable to fans of the manga genre, made by assembling other small figures.

Three |

The installations of 3 (this is how the studio’s name is abbreviated) are made using a technique that fuses together small objects, faces and collectibles to create shapes shaped through heat. Cutting then creates a surface in which all the colours are mixed, leaving only the surface where large eyes and tufts of coloured hair are visible.
Three focuses not only on the production of small plastic artefacts, but of entire immersive installations, which always start with elements that can be traced back to Japan and its traditions.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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