Design There is a project for an invisibility cloak

There is a project for an invisibility cloak

Tommaso Berra
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One of the objects that has made Harry Potter fans blink since the first film is the invisibility cloak, a fantastic gift that the wizard will use several times during his adventures at Hogwarts. From that moment on, the race to create an object that would make people invisible even if they are present has been a challenge for many science fiction, technology and even designer fans, as in the case of the Invisibility Shield Co. studio, which has just presented its prototype, innovative in its operation.
The novelty is that the new cape does not work like previous experiments, i.e. through a camera on the back that projects images, but rather with an autonomous optical system that requires neither batteries nor electricity, as also explained by Wired.

The cloak uses a special lens structure and its ability to change its actual brightness, thus altering distances and our perception of space. The cape is still in its experimental phase, which is why Invisibility Shield Co. chose to share the project on Kickstarter, the platform created to stimulate collective funding of creative projects through crowd funding.
So far, 25 have been made, to “amaze friends and hide from enemies”, as the designers themselves describe the project. However, it is possible to take part in the fundraising and secure one of the cloaks, which are sold at around 350 euros for the 950x650cm version, while the 310×210 version will cost 60 euros. For the time being, you’ll have to be content with being recognised on the streets again, as the project won’t be on sale until December.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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