Art Timidessen, the profile that cripples brands

Timidessen, the profile that cripples brands

Emanuele D'Angelo

A bit by chance we came across Timidessen, a mystical place, an atypical supermarket where the most famous products change name making room for irony but mainly for shyness.

Welcome to our loss point.


This group of anonymous kids manages to transform our bad moods into nice illustrations, words like anxiety, pandemic and many others are no longer taboo but on the contrary become products almost equal to those we find on supermarket shelves.


Timidessen, a little shy, respectful of others’ space.

The page was born right in the pandemic period, at a time when we all knew all the products and shelves of our trusted supermarket by heart.


Crippling the names of commercial products is nothing new, but in this case the approach of these young guys is brilliant, all always accompanied by a very accurate and sharp copy.


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Hoping now not to find an expiration date, we leave you with a selection of Timidessen’s products that have impressed us the most.
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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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