Design Tiny House, a hidden refuge among nature

Tiny House, a hidden refuge among nature

Giulia Guido

In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, a few steps from the beaches of Puerto Escondido, hidden among the thick vegetation typical of this region, there is a perfect place to spend time disconnected from everything and everyone. Tiny House (or Casa Pequeña) is the project of the young architect Aranza de Ariño and it is a small house consisting only of a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. 

Tiny House looks like a real concrete block with a gabled roof, in fact both the roof and the floors, stairs and furniture are made of concrete giving the house a square and clean look. The remaining elements, such as the shelves, the doors, the windows have been made of dark honey-coloured wood, visually lightening the aesthetic appearance. 

The house is entirely surrounded by vegetation and has two terraces. One is located at the back of the Tiny House and houses a swimming pool and is surrounded by a vegetable garden; the second terrace, instead, develops in front of the kitchen, connecting the interior with the exterior. It is precisely here that the characteristic element of the house is found: from the kitchen starts a concrete top that stretches out to the outside, perfect for use on summer days. When the weather doesn’t allow you to stay outdoors, simply close the wooden doors that fit perfectly into the shape of the counter. 

If you are looking for a special stay, in a place lost in nature and where you can breathe the air of freedom, Tiny House is for you and, this time, your dreams can come true because the house is rented on Airbnb

Written by Giulia Guido
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