Photography Kimberley Ross photographs music

Kimberley Ross photographs music

Giulia Guido

Is it possible to photograph something abstract? 

The faces, the landscapes, the clothes, the streets can be photographed hundreds and hundreds of times, if a shot doesn’t come well there’s no problem, it’s done again. But if the subject is a fast and unrepeatable moment, a gesture hidden among a thousand, the waiting, the emotion, the energy, a heart beating to the rhythm of music or the music itself?

Maybe some people say it’s impossible, but I’m sure they won’t be so convinced when they find out about Kimberley Ross‘ work.

Born in Rome, Kimberley started taking pictures as a child, then over the years and with the study that passion became her profession and the camera the object that allows magic to come true. 

Starting to photograph from the public and then receiving more and more credits, Kimberley Ross has become a well-known face of the Italian and international music scene. In a nutshell, if you miss a concert that Kimberley went to, don’t despair, because her photographs manage to return all the aspects of a live performance. 

The adrenaline, the pauses to take a breath, the smoke right in the eyes, the colored lights everything is so perfect is so true that we can almost hear the music just by looking at the images. 

Kimberley Ross freezes moments allowing him to live forever and while extraordinary shows take place on stage, even within Kimberley’s lens a real show comes to life. 

We’ve selected just a few of her shots, to see them all visit Kimberly Ross’ website and her Instagram profile.

Written by Giulia Guido
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