Design A transparent house hidden among the trees

A transparent house hidden among the trees

Giulia Guido

The last times we talked about treehouse we were in France, along the Loire, where several architectural firms have rethought the concept of the treehouse. Now, however, we are moving just outside Prague, to a private property, where Jan Tyrpekl has given his personal interpretation of a Tree House

With Jan Tyrpekl’s tree house we return to the common imagination of these types of houses: in addition to glass the most used material is wood and the design of the structure is essential and minimal. 

The Tree House consists of two platforms placed at different heights and joined by a sinuously shaped glass window. The space that is created inside is totally enveloped by nature and thanks to these two materials is also camouflaged in it. 

To reach the house we find another inevitable element, a classic retractable wooden staircase, which can be pulled up once inside so that it can be completely detached from the ground. 

Unfortunately, Jan Tyrpekl’s Tree House was not designed for accommodation and sleep but is used for meetings and workshops related to nature and during which participants can plant trees and enjoy the view from the house. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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