A Dream of Myanmar

Giulia Guido
a dream of myanmar | Collater.al

Not many people know where Myanmar is, but that doesn’t make this beautiful and characteristic Southeast Asian country a place not to discover. Marta Trela and Henning Himmelreich have visited this country armed with cameras and cameras and have managed to encapsulate in A Dream of Myanmar, a four-minute video, the charm it can offer.

It is one of the poorest countries in the world where its history and centuries-old culture are still alive. Enjoy the trip! 

Directed by: Marta Trela
Camera: Marta Trela, Henning Himmelreich
Edit: Marta Trela
Sound Design: Marc Fragstein
Color Correction: Xenia Brenner
Music: Extraordinary Measures by Steven Gutheinz through Musicbed

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