Forget Me Not

Giulia Guido
Forget Me Not |

Sometimes loving a person means understanding when it’s time to let him or her go, facing that fear that pervades us when we think about life without him or her. The animated short film made by the students of The Animation Workshop entitled Forget Me Not shows just that.

The protagonist is an old man with a friendly look who lives his life isolated from the world, with a single friend, a giant troll, with whom he spends time, chats and takes tea. One day, however, the troll shows some failures, for him, it’s time to say goodbye to his friend, who on the contrary is not ready for this detachment.

The old man must face his fears, a journey into his loneliness, before realizing that a true friend is forever and that when you find the courage to let him go you really understand that a part of him will always remain in us.

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