Alhambra presents Odd Garden, inside the Milan Garden Design Studio

Giulia Pacciardi
Alhambra presenta Odd Garden, alla scoperta del Garden Design Studio milanese |

To make its relationship with art even more solid, Alhambra, the Spanish slow crafted beer, lands in Italy and calls in its help four of the talents that best represent it.

The first to open its doors to us was Odd Garden, the Milanese Garden Design studio that, since 2012, has been designing and creating gardens and green spaces characterized by a minimal footprint but also by inspirations from the world of architecture, landscaping, fashion, and art.
We entered their fascinating Milanese studio, made of beautiful plants but, above all, of the wise hands that work them, to discover all that concerns them.
Watch the short documentary here and don’t miss anything!

Odd Garden, the laboratory of applied arts Rota Lab, the cultural association Studio Orthographe and the artistic collective GB Group, will be the protagonists of 4 dedicated events in which they will tell and show their work by opening the doors of the places where everything is born, their studios.
4 events that will lead to the last, that of April 3 at Fondazione Catella, in Milan, where will be exhibited 4 artworks created ad hoc for the occasion and for Alhambra, the engine of the entire project.
Stay tuned!

Production: Studio
Talent: Odd Garden
Video maker: Vieri dalla Chiesa
Client: Alhambra 

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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