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The art of Tomoko Nagao meets UNIQLO

A childhood spent creating, a great passion for drawing, and the dream of being able to live on her art.
She is Tomoko Nagao, a Japanese artist, who lives in Milan, who has made cultural distance her distinctive mark, the one that has allowed her to bring her art to an international level.

Her artworks are the mirror of her eyes, of the way she sees society in an ongoing dialogue between past and present, between traditional art icons and symbols of capitalism, small details that become fundamental to understand her messages.

Tomoko Nagao is the third artist to join the celebrations for the first year of the UNIQLO store in Milan, the only one to hold a workshop entirely dedicated to children.

The aim of her “Icons of Art Workshop” is to teach children how to work with stencils, paint, and water, how to roll up their sleeves, have fun, and unleash their creativity.

Also Tomoko, like all the other artists involved by UNIQLO on the occasion of this first anniversary, has created a limited edition t-shirt for all the participants of the workshop that will take place on Wednesday 7th October in the store in Piazza Cordusio and to which you can register HERE.

In order not to miss the next events and workshops, we suggest you take a look at the calendar that you can find HERE.

The art of Tomoko Nagao meets UNIQLO