Un diable dans la poche, the short by Bonnet and Loubes

Emanuele D'Angelo

Their names are Antoine Bonnet and Mathilde Loubes and together they produced the short film “Un diable dans la poche” for their graduation thesis at Gobelins, school of visual communication in Paris.

A simple, linear but strong plot that strikes you. A group of children living alone in a big house in the woods while they play witness a daring murder by chance.
Two hunters on the hunt for new prey wander through the woods next to Auguste and his brothers’ backyard, both seem to be aiming a deer when one of them snaps and hits the other to death.

They witness a crime, but in fact, they become accomplices, the hunter bribes them with a gold nugget each.
But to Auguste that nugget isn’t enough, he can’t live with the guilt, he can’t understand how something like that can be hidden, so he decides to confess, but the others want to prevent him. A short made of grainy and ethereal digital brushstrokes, with a cryptic ending, ends with the gun pointed at the head of poor Auguste.

The short film by the two French students was originally released in 2019 but the film was selected, among others, by the Berlinale 2020 and our Giffoni Film Festival.


Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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